Escala Carmen

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Namaste Nepal ; The BEST!

From the beginning to the end, Rajan and his Namaste Nepal Tour made our visit to Nepal FANTASTIC! Always on time, explicative and knowledgeable, very friendly and professional. After a very bad experience in India, we were gladly surprised to receive such good service in Nepal. Rajan made us feel comfortable and secure. He and his team provided us with an EXCELLENT service during our stay in Nepal. His team made all the possible effort to teach us about Nepal. Sirish explained to us with passion and knowledge, every detail of the places we were visiting at the time. He was very patient and responded to all the questions we asked. We were very happy to have such a great company as our tour guides. Thank you so much, Rajan!


Russian Federation

Incredible trip to Nepal

In May 2023, my friend Nadia and I went on an author's journey for the first time, organized with the participation of Namaste Nepal Trekking: we unforgettably spent the May holidays in the amazing and mysterious country of Nepal, saw with our own eyes the highest mountains in the world - the Himalayas! It was a fantastic trip, the tour lasted 15 days, but it seemed to us much longer. Our route passed through fabulously beautiful places in the foothills of Annapurna. I would like to note that our guides and escorts from Namaste Nepal Trekking were just wonderful, attentive and caring. During the trip, we had the best accommodation and food conditions possible in the mountains. Separately, I would like to thank the owner of Namaste Nepal Trekking Rajan, an excellent guide and organizer, who controlled everything, including cooking (and sometimes even cooked for us himself), it was actually a round-the-clock accompaniment. He and his assistants, who helped us with the luggage, carried the bags to the rooms daily and packed them back every day. They also worked as waiters, took pictures, removed leeches from us near waterfalls, translated from Nepali into English and did their best to surround us with care and tenderness). It's been 10 days since I returned home, but I can't forget (and don't want to forget) this like an elven, fabulously beautiful forest of centuries-old rhododendron trees, blooming, tall as if to the sky. Our trekking route was literally covered with their colors. Waterfalls, mountain rivers, fabulous bridges and moss-covered rocks - this is a real paradise. It is absolutely unbelievable that there are such protected places on our planet where Nature is the most virtuoso artist, architect and director. And to top it off, you're the main actor in this movie. And the magical sunrise with a view of 4 eight-thousanders was simply unforgettable. And these incredible emotions cover all the physical activities and everyday difficulties of hiking in the mountains. Guys, Rajan, thank you so much for our incredible trip!


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It was cool

We went trekking with these guys. They are very responsible, and attentive and it is clear that this is sincere. They help along the way. I was surprised that they controlled the preparation of our food, and sometimes they cooked it for us themselves! I absolutely can't eat spicy food and they helped me a lot with this. Thank you very much, guys!


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The trip was amazing!

I fulfilled one of my dreams of seeing the Himalayan mountains, and the view from Poon Hill is totally breathtaking! Every day was interesting, the views of nature changed every hour, and you will see dark forests, limitless hills, waterfalls, etc. I highly recommend hiking with Namaste Nepal Trekking. I went with Rajan - he's a great guy, he will help you with anything hiking-related or even unrelated. You can rely on him 100%. He seems to know everyone in Nepal, will provide you the best places to eat and stay overnight while hiking, help you buy gear, and any other issues while you are in Nepal. and he is also an interesting person to talk to about everything :) The hike is suitable for almost everyone, it is not difficult, I have seen many older people going the same way. Don't expect luxury hotels during the trek, but you will always have a place to sleep, good food, and hot water for showers.

Doug Russal

United Kingdom

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

This trek was outstanding & has provided some of my best-ever traveling memories. We managed to secure Rajan as our guide, the man behind the genius machine that is Namaste Trekking & he was a complete delight. Along with his partner in crime & fellow mountaineering sidekick Prakash, my friend & I had a experience of a lifetime trekking to Annapurna Base Camp. Rajan’s English was immaculate & provided fascinating knowledge of Nepal & the history of the Himalayas. Along with being well-humored, thoughtful & caring he would always have our needs & concerns met in an effortlessly laid-back manner. Rajan arranged all travel, permits & accommodation for us & was able to give us some excellent recommendations of Nepal for the rest of our trip. I cannot wait to book my next trek with Rajan.

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