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Sherpa Ethnic Group Exploration

Trip code NNTR-1077
Package name Sherpa Ethnic Group Exploration
Duration 10-20
Max. elevation 4000 m
Transportation Private Tourist Vehicle
Accomodation Hotel/Guesthouse/Homestay
Starts at Kathmandu
Ends at Kathmandu
Trip route
Cost USD 0 per person



The Sherpas who live high in the mountains of eastern and central Nepal are probably the best known Nepali ethnic group. These nomadic Tibetan herders moved to Nepal about 600 years ago, bringing with them their Buddhist religion and building the beautiful gompas (monasteries) that dot the steep hillsides. Their homeland of sherpas in the high altitude area of the Everest region where many people head to catch a glimpse of Mt Everest and Everest Base Camp.

In the current situation, the Sherpa name is synonymous with mountaineering and trekking experts. They have achieved worldwide fame for their skill, hardiness, and loyalty in these pursuits. They have achieved almost all kinds of mountaineering, and climbing records in the world.  Sherpas have cornered the trekking and climbing market, especially in the Himalayas. The genetic adaption to living in high altitude makes them strong in the high altitude and has the unique hemoglobin-binding capacity and doubled nitric oxide production than the normal human being.

The major area of Sherpa settlements in Nepal

Everest Region
Helambu Region
Rolwaling Valley

Trip Itinerary

Day 0 : Sherpa Ethnic Group Exploration Tour

For the Exploration and Research Trips, We customize every itinerary based on your travel plans and preferences. Normally we organize Sherpa Ethnic group exploration trips for about 10 to 20 days. It depends on you how long you want to spend and the purpose of the tour.

Please let us know how long you want to spend for Sherpa Ethnic Group Exploration Trip,  Then we work with you until you’re completely satisfied that you’ve got an amazing trip planned!

How do we support you for the Sherpa Ethnic Group Exploration?

  1. To identify the best Ethnic village of Sherpas as per your time, interest, and purpose of the tour

  2. To Arrange all necessary Paperwork and permits

  3. To provide professional and Experienced Guide and support staff

  4. To Arrange local expert who knows everything about the Sherpa People and their Culture

  5. To Be the Local representative of your exploration tour

  6. To Arrange the best available accommodation in the exploration area

  7. To Arrange all the food and drinks during the exploration days

  8. To Arrange all the Transportation in Nepal

  9. To Arrange Flight Tickets, Charter flights, Helicopters, or the Rescue flight if needed

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