Dear all, Welcome to this mystical land of the Himalaya. The birthplace of God Buddha and the home of Mt. Everest, The tallest peak on earth. It has 8 of 14 tallest peaks and more than 1,300 other peaks. Nepal is a mountainous country offering Myriad of adventure options and one of the best arenas for Extreme & Adventure Sport tourism such as mountaineering, trekking, canyoning, paragliding, mountain biking, kayaking, rafting, bungee jumping, rock climbing, high altitude marathon etc. Nepal is one of the richest genetic biodiversity in the world. Nepal has the world’s maximum physiographic and climatic diversity ranging from the tropical to Nival type (Permanent snow). Kaligandaki is the river older than the Himalaya, the gorge of Kali Gandaki is the deepest in the world. There are many opportunities to farm any plants from any parts of the world in Nepal. Nepal is an Amazon of Asia. The hidden treasure of its rich biodiversity is not yet fully explored.

The beauty of Nepal doesn't end with the mountains only. Beginning from the high mountain range in the North and ending at the plains of Tarai in the south, Ne-pal offers the Timeless culture and tradition, Ancient History, Temples and Monuments, various Flora and Fauna. Friendly and ever smelling Dwellers.

Nepal's unique geography, with associated variation in the physiographic and climatic conditions, has resulted in rich biodiversity. At the species level, the rapid change along the environmental gradient gives rise to high beta diversity. The country occupies only 0.1 % of the global area but harbours over 3 % and 1% of the world's known flora and fauna, respectively.  Nepal's biodiversity profile records 208 Mammas, 867 Birds, 123 Reptiles, 55 Amphibians, 230 freshwater fish and 651 butterfly species. This high species diversity is also accompanied by high endemism. Increasing steadily from low to high elevations, a total of 284 flowering plants, 160 animal species, including one mammal species, one bird species and 24 herpetofauna are endemic to Nepal.

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