Cultural Research and Exchange

The culture of any country is the customs and beliefs, art, way of life, and social organization of a particular country or Group. And Nepal is very riach in it. Nepal is a homeland of many ancient cultures and traditions. We say Nepal has god more than population, temples more than houses, and festivals more than days. The culture of Nepal includes the various cultures belonging to the 125 Ethnic Groups.  Nepal has 10 different Realign and 123 different languages.

The Culture of Nepal expressed through Music and Dance, Philosophy and Religion, festivals and celebration, Languages and Literature, Art and Crafts, Food and Drinks. For the explorers and researchers, Nepal provides a wide range of research possibilities that are yet not fully discovered.

Our Cultural Research and Exchange program focus to provide explorers an opportunity to explore and get to know the community you will be living with. After the completion of the basic Nepali Language course in Kathmandu volunteers will stay with the Host family in remote Mountain Village.

Namaste Nepal trekking and research hub arrange living in the remote mountain village with the host family. Where you can get Engage with them in their daily life, work in the farmhouse and field, celebrate their local festival with them, learn their Language, Religions, and Philosophy. You will not only learn from them, but you will also share your culture with them. You can research and able to find how different lives can be lived in Mega Towns and Remote Mountain Village and compare their lifestyle interims of happiness, wealth, Family, health, Love, relationship, and many more. The main result of the cultural exchange and research program is you will gain cross-cultural experience.

How do we Support you in the Research and Exploration Project?

  1. Arrange all necessary Paperwork and Documentation

  2. Arrange the best Host Family for the cultural research and exchange

  3. Experienced team of Local Researchers, Guides, and Support Staff

  4. We arrange all the necessary equipment hair/buy available in Nepal for your Research

  5. Provide a professional translator for covering your story. We have fluent speaking Translators who speak various languages. (English, French, Chinese, Spanish, German, Japanese, Hindi, etc.)

  6. Be the Local representative of your project

  7. We are the team of destination experts; Team NNTR has good experience of the studies conducted at the remote mountain area and the high altitude

  8. Manage  all the hotel reservation in the City area and arrange accommodation in the field

  9. Arrange all the food and drinks during the Research Tour

  10. Arrange all ground Transportation in Nepal

  11. Arrange Flight Tickets, Charter flights, Helicopters, or the Rescue flight if needed

  12. We arrange all the logistics for the customs clearance of the Research and Exploration Equipments.