Great News for all wide Visitors to Nepal | No Quarantine to travel to Nepal

Trekkers, adventurers, and all types of travelers must have been bored since the hazard of Covid-19. As well with travel restrictions across the world, where interested travel could not enjoy a holiday abroad.

Your long-time enthusiasm to escape from the boredom has been made possible to Travel to Nepal, for various exotic holiday destinations. For keen travelers can start booking for exciting adventure or leisure tour through reputed travel and trekking agencies for instance Namaste Nepal Trekking & Research Hub

As the country has made easy and smooth mandatory for eager visitors to Nepal, where one travels within the Himalayas region. Without any problem of strict norms and regulation, like it was in the past years, except for some few health formalities.

You don't need to stay in Quarantine to Travel to Nepal!

  • The good news has just been declared by Nepal Tourism and Foreign Affairs Minister Bhanu-Bhakta Dhakal, regarding easy entry to the country. Without any hassle of staying in quarantine and isolation, which was required in the past months, since the outbreak of Corona Virus.

The quarantine requirement and other strict necessary measures have been removed, to boost tourism in Nepal. For the past years the tourism industry like in other parts of the world was badly shaken, where visitors flow was nearly too nil.

Few groups of travelers managed to enter Nepal, but were allowed only with proper PCR and staying in quarantine. As well in isolation for a week with a recommended letter of visit by Government Regisrated Travel or Trekking agencies. Which included insurance of a minimum amount of US $5,000, per person, against Covid-19, which was a great precautionary measure. That was imposed by the Nepal Government, where visitors had to spend into hotel quarantine for a minimum of seven days. Upon their arrival in Nepal, as well required to take a PCR test on the fifth day of staying in the hotel quarantine. 

Which was on their expenses, and they were allowed to go on their tour or trek after being tested with negative results.

Finally, just a few days ago the concerned Government department announced, on removing all the obstacles and barrier. By making it much easier for visitors to enter Nepal, where they can enjoy the beauty of Nepalese countryside.

Where the river flows into deep, forested ravines in the close shade of tall snow peaks, and to enjoy walks. Getting up close towards mountain wilderness, a country with various outdoor recreation abounds, Trekking, Mountaineering, Expedition, and Peak Climbing. Including White Water Rafting, paragliding, rock climbing, and jungle safari as well cultural sightseeing tours, around impressive world heritage sites.

Nepal and its high Himalaya, a trekker paradise for adventurous visitors seeking wilderness and solitude. Where one can relive the days on nice cozy mountain chalets, lodges in the harmony of warm hospitality of Nepalese people.

Welcome to Nepal, the country and its friendly people are all delighted that you visit leads to interesting destinations. Discovering one of Nepal’s most magical and iconic places from Mt. Everest to Lumbini, the birth place of Lord Buddha. 

For the past year and at present, we are all fighting an invisible and deadly corona-virus. So we urge interested travelers to visit a safe Himalayan country, as Nepal has always been a special place, for many centuries. The time has come, for you to explore the beautiful country and its colorful age-old heritage culture in the close backdrop of the Himalayan Mountain range. 

The country is back to normal as it was in the past, start your wonderful vacation for refreshing holidays. In the land of Himalayan wonders, where you can revive yourself within a pristine environment, feeling free and away from the pandemic.

Nepal was no exception, since the outbreak of the Corona Virus from Wuhan, China in late December 2019. When Nepal was preparing to celebrate Visit Nepal 2020, by then Pandemic had spread all around the world. Although Nepal had minimum effect, but that was due to a large number of Nepalese migrant workers in India. Began to return home then the Covid-19 slowly took a toll, compared to other neighboring countries like India, Pakistan, China, and Bangladesh.

Nepal was less affected due to strict precautionary measures taken by the Government and Health Department.

However, the country remained Lockdown for more than three months, and then slowly the emergence of home isolation and lockdown lifted. The country began to be active and normal as before, except for tourist arrival which was completely zero. Which dwindle the country’s economy one of the major sources of foreign exchange and employment for a large number of people. Who were related and dependent on tourism, the country was in great loss like many other countries associated with the tourism world.

But from the beginning of 2021, domestic tourism was on the rise traveling across the country to refresh themselves. After being in Lockdown for many months, at present, the country is ready to receive all foreign visitors. As Covid-19 has slowly eased off along with anti-Corona vaccination that has reached Nepal. 

Where elderly citizens getting the priority of this miracle medication dose, and in near future, all Nepalese will be taken care of. Treated with anti-Corona vaccination like rest of the world, and that is why the Nepal Government has taken a big step. Allowing visitors to enter the country with only a few restrictions for their own safety and as well to enjoy your good time in Nepal. After a great break from the so-called deadly Corona-Virus.

Vaccination Report is Enough to Visit Nepal

Although, Nepal Government has removed quarantine requirements for travelers visiting the country, but with few conditions. Only, those who have got both doses of Covid-19 vaccination, a big action aimed to boost pandemic-depressed travel and tourism industry.

Tourism Minister of Nepal Bhanubhakta Dhakal made a great announcement to the local media on Friday 19th March 2020. Declaring removal of quarantine requirements for interested foreign visitors, the decision was made on Thursday Cabinet meetings with top officials related to tourism.

However, at present which needs complete rules on arrival visas whether the Cabinet has approved the ministry’s plan to resume issuing on-arrival visas at the airport. The present Tourism Ministry stated that they were yet to receive an announcement of the Cabinet decision.

Likewise, many other countries have termed documents of immunization against Covid-19, a passport of vaccination. Where few countries have already rolled out digital passports to facilitate easy traveling.

Along with Government's new protocol, the tourism industry group for global airlines, the International Air Transport Association, is testing a version which is known or called ‘Travel Pass’. The IBM Company has already developed a Digital Health Pass, which was trialed in the USA as a health passport, capturing Covid-19 test results, temperature scans, and vaccine records.

There are several other private-sector initiatives globally to launch vaccination passports to provide a safe way for visitors to travel in Nepal.

PCR Test Report (72hrs) Required

  • Nevertheless, a non-vaccinated tourist entering Nepal has to show a negative polymerase chain reaction ‘PCR’ report. The medical report must prove that the test was conducted 72 hours before departure from respective countries.

The great news is that the norms and policy for foreign visitors, been made much easier than it was in the past few months. Where all tourists had to go another PCR test after reaching the country, and before departure to their respective destinations around Nepal.

Many obstacles and formalities, that hampered the arrival of tourist has been lifted such as hotel booking for at least seven days' quarantine in Nepal and insurance of at least $5,000, per person, against Covid-19.

Where tourists had to go through into hotel quarantine for a minimum of seven days upon their arrival in Nepal. A hassle of PCR test on the fifth day of hotel quarantine at their own expense, then the visitors were allowed to venture on their adventure after being tested negative.

The new present law has made it possible for travelers to visit Nepal, without much obligation. As well as to build up the dwindling economy back to normal, where thousands of Nepalese have lost their job. Who were highly dependent on tourism arrival, from guides, field staff, and porters, including hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs, and various industries? Which manufactured products aiming at tourists only such as handicrafts and large items of Nepalese Souvenirs.    

So, let us start the new fresh beginning, after the pandemic enjoy traveling within Nepal's exotic Himalayan destinations. A very good start and the best season of spring to commence your refreshing holiday in Nepal. The high Himalayas heralds and beckons you, start packing for a lovely holiday, where one can enjoy all types of adventures. 

Namaste and Welcome to Nepal.

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