Great News for all wide Visitors to Nepal | No Quarantine to travel to Nepal

Trekkers, adventurers, and all types of travelers must have been bored since the hazard of Covid-19. As well with travel restrictions across the world, where interested travel could not enjoy a holiday abroad.

Your long-time enthusiasm to escape from the boredom has been made possible to Travel to Nepal, for various exotic holiday destinations. For keen travelers can start booking for exciting adventure or leisure tour through reputed travel and trekking agencies for instance Namaste Nepal Trekking & Research Hub

As the country has made easy and smooth mandatory for eager visitors to Nepal, where one travels within the Himalayas region. Without any problem of strict norms and regulation, like it was in the past years, except for some few health formalities.

You don't need to stay in Quarantine to Travel to Nepal!

  • The good news has just been declared by Nepal Tourism and Foreign Affairs Minister Bhanu-Bhakta Dhakal, regarding easy entry to the country. Without any hassle of staying in quarantine and isolation, which was required in the past months, since the outbreak of Corona Virus.