Birds and Butterfly Research

Nepal is a small Landlocked Country by its size but it’s a Bird Watchers Paradise. The dramatic difference in elevation starting from 60m from sea level to the top of the world Mt Everest 8848.83m result in a variety of Birds and Butterflies. Thus 886 species of birds and 651 species of Butterflies Have made Nepal their Home. That would be 8.9 % of the bird’s species and 3.7 % of butterfly’s species from the whole planate, and surprisingly more than half the number of those birds can be sported in and around Kathmandu Valley. So to spot or research birds you don’t have to travel far from Kathmandu.

Nepal’s Biodiversity strength is well reflected with the high numbers of Birds. The total of 10 wetlands in the different parts of the country is protracted as ‘Wetland of international Importance’ (The Ramsar Site). This is helping protect birds. Among all the bird's spices in Nepal 42 of them are Globally Threatened and 35 of them are endangered. Further, 167 species of birds in Nepal are Nationally Threatened.

Many research and studies proved that Nepal is one of the best places in the planate for Butterflies. Nepal has all types of different climates for all butterflies. Butterflies are found everywhere in Nepal. The hills around Kathmandu valley and Begnas Lake and Rupa Lake of Pokhara Valley are good areas for spotting the numbers of Butterflies. These are the best areas for investigating and researching butterflies. About 10% of the butterfly’s species in Nepal are found above 3000 m.

Colin Smith also known as ‘Putali Baje’ in Nepal meaning Butterfly Granddad from the UK spent more than 50 years studying and researching butterflies in Nepal. He traveled more than 40 districts of Nepal and wrote the book “Illustrated Checklist of Nepal’s Butterflies”. He collected more than 25,000 Butterflies during his visit. We can still see them in Annapurna Butterfly Museum in Pokhara and National History Museum in Kathmandu. The Least Grass, Oakblue, Great Eggfly, The great Orange Tip, Chocolate Albatross, Common Brimstone are the name of few species of Butterflies found in Nepal.

Best area to track Birds and Butterflies around Kathmandu

Best area to track Birds and Butterflies beyond Kathmandu

  • Chitwan National Parks: 549 Bird species

  • Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve: 450 Bird species also known as Asia’s Finest Bird watching site

  • Bardiya National Park: 542 Bird Species

  • Shuklaphanta National Park: 450 Bird Species

  • Rupa lake Bagnas Lake and Lakes around Pokhara 500+ Bird Species

How do we Support you in the Research and Exploration Project?

  1. Arrange all necessary Paperwork and Documentation

  2. Get all the Permits and Authorization from the Government

  3. Experienced team of Local Researchers, Guides, and Support Staff

  4. We arrange all the necessary equipment hair/buy available in Nepal for your Research

  5. Provide a professional translator for covering your story. We have fluent speaking Translators who speak various languages. (English, French, Chinese, Spanish, German, Japanese, Hindi, etc.)

  6. Be the Local representative of your project

  7. We are the team of destination experts; Team NNTR has good experience of the studies conducted at the remote mountain area and the high altitude.

  8. Manage  all the hotel reservation in the City area and arrange accommodation in the field

  9. Arrange all the food and drinks during the Research Tour

  10. Arrange all ground Transportation in Nepal

  11. Arrange Flight Tickets, Charter flights, Helicopters, or the Rescue flight if needed

  12. We arrange all the logistics for the customs clearance of the Research and Exploration Equipments.