Bio Diversity and Geology Research

Nepal possesses some of the most outstanding Bio-Diversity in the world, Ranging from Sub-tropical Rain-Forests to Alpine Deserts. Nepal is the steepest country in the world. The dramatic difference in elevation starting from 60 m from sea level to the top of the world Mt Everest 8848.83 meter result in a variety of Biomes.  Nepal is a habitat for 185 (4.0%) of all mammal species, 886 (8.9%) of bird species, 106 (1.0%) of reptile species, 53 (2.5%) of amphibian species, 182 (1.9%) of fish species, 651 (3.7%) of butterfly species, 536 (0.5%) of moth species and 144 (0.4%) of spider species. This small country has 35 different forest types and 118 ecosystems, Nepal harbors (6,391) 2.80% of the flowering plant species, 534 (3%) of pteridophytes, and 1180 (6%) of bryophytes species. About 40 % of the total area of Nepal is covered by Forest.

Nepal has one of the richest genetic biodiversities in the world. Nepal has the world’s maximum physiographic and climatic diversity ranging from the tropical to nival type (permanent snow). The Kaligandaki is a river older than the Himalayas. The gorge of the Kaligandaki is the deepest in the world. There are many opportunities to farm plants from any part of the world in Nepal. Nepal is the Amazon of Asia. The hidden treasure of its rich biodiversity is not yet fully explored. You have such a great opportunity for bio-Diversity, Geology, and Wildlife research in Nepal.

Nepal contains more than 107 types of most Endangered/Threatened species in the world. These include Endangered Royan Bangal Tiger, The Red Panda, Snow Leopard, The Asiatic Elephant, Swamp Deer, Pygmy hog, Great Tibetan Sheep, Golden Monitor, Asiatic Rock Python, Clouded Leopard, Blackbuck, Himalayan Musk Deer, Wild Water Buffalo, South Asian River Dolphin, Gangetic Dolphin, Bengal Florican, White-Rumped Vulture, Wild Yak, Tibetan Wolf, Cheer Pheasant, Gharial and many more.

How do we Support you in the Research and Exploration Project?

  1. Arrange all necessary Paperwork and Documentation

  2. Get all the Permits and Authorization from the Government

  3. Experienced team of Local Researchers, Guides, and Support Staff

  4. We arrange all the necessary equipment hair/buy available in Nepal for your Research 

  5. Provide a professional translator for covering your story. We have fluent speaking Translators who speak various languages. (English, French, Chinese, Spanish, German, Japanese, Hindi, etc.)

  6. Be the Local representative of your project

  7. We are the team of destination experts; Team NNTR has good experience of the studies conducted at the remote mountain area and the high altitude

  8. Manage  all the hotel reservation in the City area and arrange accommodation in the field

  9. Arrange all the food and drinks during the Research Tour

  10. Arrange all ground Transportation in Nepal

  11. Arrange Flight Tickets, Charter flights, Helicopters, or the Rescue flight if needed

  12. We arrange all the logistics for the customs clearance of the Research and Exploration Equipments.