Travel and Tours in Tibet


‘A great wide country with exciting places from leisure to adventure activities’

Tibet best places and things to do, in a great country with vast territory steeped with ancient history and glorious old heritage. Where all types of visitors from family, school/college groups, elderly people and adventurer can enjoy various exciting activities. 

Tibet, since the country flung its door wide open to the outside world about four decades ago, interested travelers were always eager. To step inside and explore the hidden treasure of mystic, and the myth of Tibetan legends of age-old culture and custom. That is rarely seen in other parts of the world, as Tibet was always a country of fascination for many travelers and explorers.    

Tibet, located on the world's highest and largest plateau or tableland, a vast country of high snow mountains, desert-like landscapes. A barren and arid hills of rocky cliffs with windblown eroded canyons, in some remote areas of Tibet. Where you can experience the complete ambiance, feeling out of this world within the absolute wilderness, with only the sound of nature and howling winds.  

Besides its scenic barren and arid land appearance on country out-backs, the traditional farm villages, towns, and cities are equally interesting. Festooned with old temples and monasteries of great religious importance, where you can witness Tibetans from all walks of life. From different parts of Tibet on pilgrimage for worship on various monasteries and religious sites in the harmony of prayer chanting. 

Nearly all places in Tibet are the best to visit if your holiday duration allows, as there is so much to see and explore. As all parts of Tibet are exciting and interesting from culture, history to religious sites including awesome scenery of the landscapes. That includes high mountains, valleys, and huge emerald-colored lakes considered as holy and blessed by Mother Nature.

Following are the most amazing holiday packages to the wonderland of Tibet which includes most of the amazing sights of Tibet.