Tours & Sightseeing in Nepal

‘From Ancient Historical, Religious Sites to Scenic Views and Wild-Life Safari’

Tours and Sightseeing in Nepal is another major tourist attraction of the country besides major adventure Himalayan destinations. Nepal offers various interesting religious, historical places of great cultural interest, with old monuments steeped with world heritage sites.

Tours in Nepal with varied places of interesting destinations for travelers to enjoy for a day to a week duration. Sightseeing tour around exciting sites, begins from the capital Kathmandu, although a metropolitan city but retains its ancient glories. Nepal one of few countries in the world, where Hindu and Buddhism religions blend in perfect harmony. Where visitors can witness temples and monasteries of both religions that stand close to each other. 

Making the tour more interesting for foreign visitors, and as well to get the taste of varied lively cultures. 

Major places for tours around Kathmandu Valley:

Within Nepal, a wide range of tour destinations from culture, traditions, historical monuments enriched with exotic arts and craftsmanship. Includes masterpiece work of architecture, where the pagoda style terraced roofs originated in Nepal and flourished around all Asia. 

Kathmandu valley offers interesting sites of great historical wonders that fascinate every visitor around Kathmandu, Patan, and Bhaktapur cities.  

The three cities of Kathmandu valley, once different kingdoms with their magnificent artwork of age-old traditions. Besides temples and monasteries, one can visit the old palace and royal courtyard of past centuries. 

The old sites of Patan and Bhaktapur take you back to a golden era of Medvial times, truly a living museum.

Tour of beautiful Buddhist Swayambhunath Stupa, with more than 2, 500 years old history, stands atop west of Kathmandu valley. Visit holy Pashupatinath temple the heart and soul for Hindu devotees and pilgrims, a great work of arts and craftsmanship. The tour extends to Bouddhanath a Buddhist pilgrimage site a large dome stupa considered as the world's largest of its kind. A lovely place not to be missed, where you can enjoy marveling at the huge stupa facing the all-seeing eyes of Lord Buddha. Around Kathmandu valley tour of adjoining cities of Patan and Bhaktapur, Patan also known as Lalitpur. Means city of arts/crafts and Bhaktapur as the city of devotees, an interesting places with ancient cultures to witness. The ancient temple of Changunarayan is another major site for visit in Kathmandu Valley.

A whole day keeps visitors engrossed marveling at the wonderful, and unique arts and craftsmanship of magnificent old monuments.

Besides a tour of ancient places of great interest, within the valley, one can enjoy stunning sunrise and sunsets. That reflects on wide Himalayan snow-mountains from the scenic hill towns of Nagarkot and Dhulikhel in the comfort of nice luxury hotels.  

Tour Beyond Kathmandu Valley and three cities:

Extend the tour with an exciting drive to Gorkha hill town and visit the ancient fort palace of the Shah Dynasty. Visiting Bandipur will give a scenic hill town experience with the ancient cultural taste of Nepal. Then continue to drive to beautiful Pokhara, a city full of charm and beauty blessed with natural wonders. Located on the laps of Annapurna Himalaya with serene lakes, the second-largest city after Kathmandu's renowned tourist destinations. Pokhara, a scenic country one of the few marvelous places not to be missed while visiting Nepal.

Other places of interest are Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Sakyamuni Buddha, the founder of Buddhism religion, and the holy path to Nirvana.

Beyond those major places of tourist attractions, there are hundreds of places where you can spend quality time with a great experience.  some of the other major places for tours and sightseeing in Nepal are Palpa, Sarangkot, Illam, Janakpur, and Ram-Janaki Temple, Chitwan, Nomobuddha, Balthali Village, Bardiya, etc.

Apart from scenic, cultural, and historical or religious destinations, Nepal is famous for its wild-life safari. Where visitors can get delights with exciting time around its dense green tropical jungles of Chitwan and Bardiya National Parks.

Enjoy safari on elephant ride on the lookout for rare and endangered wild mammals like Royal Bengal Tiger, Rhinoceros. Includes many animals with exotic birdlife all in the comfort of nice Jungle Lodge and Resorts.