Day Trips

‘From rural farm villages to scenic hills in the shade of high Himalayan Mountains’

Day Trips, around Nepal, offers varied interesting destinations, where one can choose from historical sightseeing, heritage villages to scenic hills.

Most day trips begin in Kathmandu, the major commercial hub and capital city of Nepal, with an international airport. While visiting Nepal at Kathmandu, for various activities like business, conference or just for leisure vacation. 

Where one can enjoy short to long day trips around exciting places of great cultural, religious sites of historical background. Around Kathmandu Valley day trips will be more appropriate, due to time and season wise. 

Kathmandu happens to be the main arrival and final departure for most visitors traveling by air. In Kathmandu with extra time before or after your personal assignment, as well for people heading towards higher mountain destinations. A day trip will help you to get familiarized and gain experience with local culture and customs. While visiting farm hill village, historical town, or within the city of great heritage interest.

Enjoy day trips with a tour around exciting places of Kathmandu, steeped with ancient monuments of old temples, monasteries. Including medvial era palace, where the most beautiful places are designated in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Besides Kathmandu, its adjoining cities of Patan / Lalitpur and Bhaktapur are equally fascinating for a day trip. Where some places like in Bhaktapur and Patan takes you back to old times, a living museum. Where walking path around the cities and town still retains its old-time glories as it were thousands of years.

From the Lake City of Pokhara, you can extend a tour visiting rural heritage farm villages of Dhampus, Ghandruk, Australian Camp, Astam Village, Sarangkot, Begnas Lake, etc located on the cities and valley rim. Enjoy the daily traditional farm activities of the local villagers, or one can take a day hike on scenic hills.

 A delightful and pleasant country walks into serene cool rhododendron and pine forest within high Himalayan-Mountains backdrop.